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  1. c

    Thank you for this recipe.

  2. H


  3. S

    Great Dish! Have been making this for years and it never fails to all get eaten up.

  4. B

    This looks like an easy recipe and healthy, too.

  5. C

    Fabulous recipe

  6. Y

    I admittedly made a few changes, but I think the concept is the same and made it so good.

  7. V

    I've made this recipe a handful of times. My picky 11yr old son and husband love it! It's the only one I use. Thank you!

  8. L

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  9. A

    Simple, delicious. Thanks for another great recipe.

  10. C

    I love making this recipe its amazing:)

  11. c

    Thanks. It's delicious.

  12. a

    Great option to make and take to lunch.

  13. M

    This is a beautiful dish!

  14. J

    Love it and thanks.

  15. J

    Excellent dish!

  16. s

    Oh my goodness this is the most amazing recipe ever!

  17. N

    Delicious! I was able to increase or decrease the amounts of anything I liked or did not like to make it my own!

  18. R

    Thank you for a delicious recipe

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